Uday Kiran's eyes collected!Actor Uday Kiran may have left this world but his eyes will continue to see the World. The actor reportedly pledged to donate his eyes to LV Prasad Eye Institue after his death. Shortly after his death, the team visited the hospital and collected his eyes. There were some technical difficulties for the team as the registration of Uday Kiran’s eye donation is not complete however, his wife, Vishita gave her nod to this noble act and the actor’s eyes were successfully collected.

On the other side, autopsy is completed for the actor’s dead body at Osmania General Hospital. His body will be kept in Film Chamber for film personalities and fans to pay their last respects. The last rites will be performed later on in the day. On the other side, Clues Team visited the scene of offense and collected all the clues from the place. The Police have registered this case as ‘Suspicious Death’. Uday Kiran Dead Body Photos