Uday Kiran's death: Clues Team Report!Uday Kiran’s death was registered by Banjara Hills Police Station and a special team was formed to look in to the matter. A clues team visited the death spot, a flat in Srinagar colony near Satya Sai Nigamam and recorded the clues.

1. Uday Kiran sent a message ‘I Love You Too’ to his wife and it is the last message in his mobile.
2. Police recorded the statement of his wife, Vishita. She said, “He is suffering from depression due to career slow down. Also expressed the desire to commit suicide several times”.
3. The rope used for committing suicide was collected. The rope was used to hang the kick bag.
4. Uday Kiran’s personal laptop and mobile was seized. They are being studied for any clues.

TV reports say Uday Kiran called a friend in Chennai and revealed about his suicide plan but clues team did not confirm this. It is also said Vishita went out for a friend’s Birthday leaving behind her parents. But Uday forcibly sent them to the party and later committed suicide. Police have also recorded the statements of his in-laws. Primary reports suggest it is clear case of suicide.