Uday Kiran wife Vishita's statement!
Hyderabad Police are digging deep in to Uday Kiran’s death mystery. It is more or less confirmed that the death is a suicide but the reasons behind the suicide are being explored. In the investigation, Uday Kiran wife Vishita’s statement became crucial and here it is-

“Uday Kiran always lived far from reality. Even in the time of crisis, he failed to realize that he is no longer a star. He used to be depressed being neglected by his costars. He was deeply hurt when he did not get invitation for 100 years of Indian Cinema function too”. Vishita also mentioned that Uday Kiran is in financial crisis but failed to steady the ship even after having several assets in and around Hyderabad.

Vishita also revealed that Uday wanted to try his luck in Kollywood and even rented a house in Chennai to shift. She several times repeated that she should not have married Uday Kiran. Uday Kiran’s father-in-law also voice similar opinion.

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