Uday Kiran & Conspiracy Theories Still TrendingLate actor Uday Kiran shot to fame in no time with a hattrick of hits Chitram, Nuvvu Nenu, and Manasantha Nuvve. But then he lost track, delivered continuous flops, and lost his stardom completely. Many personal tragedies also struck him, and he ended his life in 2014.

Today is his birthday, and he is trending on social media even after eight years of his demise. Many netizens are sharing his pictures and songs from his hit films and giving a heartfelt tribute to the late actor.

And then there are a few trollers who are still busy making baseless conspiracy theories about the role of Chiranjeevi in Uday Kiran’s downfall, which ultimately lead to his suicide. They are still blaming the controversial engagement episode of Chiru’s daughter with Uday Kiran, which was broken later, after which the film industry allegedly shunned Uday Kiran.

It’s high time people should stop badmouthing Chiranjeevi regarding Uday Kiran’s death. It is just a coincidence that the engagement fiasco and Uday Kiran’s downfall happened during the same time, which had nothing to do with the Mega family. Even Uday Kiran’s family confirmed the same.

This should put all the rumors and conspiracies to rest.