Two Telugu Spy Films There are these two mid range heroes who are facing a strange and unexpected situation. They both are working on similar scripts simultaneously.

Firstly, these two heroes showed good promise. They recently delivered blockbusters and then sadly for them, followed it up with disasters.

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The mid range heroes then started working on individual projects with new directors. But what they were unaware of is that they’re working on strikingly similar core point.

This core point has great potential and has great value in the pan Indian market it seems. We can’t reveal this point now for obvious reasons.

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The two heroes are excited about the same. But now that they’ve come to know that they’re working on the same core points, they’re scratching their heads.

The teams are also perplexed by the fact that their works are colliding. They are now unsure about how to take things forward.

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One film has announced its theme already. But the second one hasn’t dropped promotional material yet.

Whichever film releases first has not much of headache as it will be fresh. But the film to release second will face a big headache as it will have to face the challenge of being compared to the first one. This will pose a new headache right from the promotions through till release.