Two Releases Father-Chitti-Umaa-Kaarthik - A1 Express in One Day in February. Sign of Revival?Things are looking good for the Telugu film industry after the boost it has got since the Sankranthi releases. The audience thronged to the theaters in big numbers infusing confidence in the filmmakers. As a result, we have released lined up one per week in February.

We are also witnessing two films releasing on a single day i.e., February 12th. Sundeep Kishan’s A1 Express is already announced for that day and now, Father Chitti Umma Kaarthik (FCUK) is also releasing the same day. For Sankranthi, we had Red and Alludu Adhurs releasing on the same day.

It is a different case in the festive season and it is a different ball game altogether in the normal season like February. Hopefully, both films will succeed and further push the prospects of the industry. If we end up positively in February, the big Summer Releases will takeover from mid-March.

With the kind of pace the films releasing and the downward trend of Corona cases across the country, it looks like the film industry will recover earlier than expected.