Gentleman Movie - Surabhi - Niveda Thomas“After Kamal Haasan, Nani is my favourite hero because he is a natural actor which rarely comes to an artist not by experience or learning”, gushes actress Niveda Thomas talking about her co-star Nani in ‘Gentleman’. She shared her thoughts about her co-star saying that how caring he had been and how he used to be in dialogue with her for improvising scenes. “He’s like give and take”, is Niveda Thomas’s opinion on Nani.

“I always wanted to share screen space with him”, adding “In fact I got this chance to act in ‘Gentleman’ because of Nani who saw me in ‘Raghuvaran B Tech’ and forwarded my pictures to director Indraganti for the role of Aishwarya,” says the other heroine of the film Surabhi.

“It’s a dream come true for me to act with Nani. He is very grounded and down to earth. His energy is contagious”, thinks Surabhi. Both the heroines were like praising him about his sensibilities as an actor and also as a human being. On other other side, Nani thinks if the film clicks, a larger part of the credit would go to his heroines.