Two extreme records by Mega family in US!Mega family had mixed results for 2013. Ram Charan has two releases – one hit and one disaster, Pawan Kalyan has one blockbuster, Allu Arjun has a flop and his brother Allu Sirish made a disastrous debut. At US box office, there is a slight change again, Nayak which was a hit here is a loss venture in Overseas. One of the significant record set by Mega family in US is really interesting.

Pawan Kalyan’s Attaritiniki Daredi was bought for 6 Crore plus and collected $1,897,541 which is an all time record. On the other side, Allu Sirish’s Gauravam managed to collect only $85 (Yes, you read it right, EIGHTY FIVE DOLLARS) in US. So, the highest and lowest collections in US belongs to Mega family.