Pawan Kalyan Venkatesh photo

It has been confirmed that the Pawan Kalyan-Venkatesh duo will be doing a remake film while Suresh Babu and Sharath Marar are going to be producing it. However, the question remains that who will be doing the direction of the film. The names considered for the position are Dolly and Jayanth C Paranjee. While Jayanth worked along with Pawan in the past for Teenamar and delivered a dud for Pawan but had two super hits with Venky, Dolly has won the reputation with the movie Thadaka which is the remake of Tamil film Vettai. But in Jayanth’s favour, he also has a history of working with both Pawan Kalyan and Venkatesh in the past.

The decision now remains with Pawan and Venky. But it is clear that it is going to be a challenging task trying to do better than the original director Umesh Shukla especially a film like Oh My God to make changes to suit our nativity is not an easy task!