Telugu Comedian Hema - MAAThe recent EC meeting of Movie Artists Association (MAA) concluded without taking a decision on the conduct of the elections. Meanwhile, actress Hema has leveled serious allegations against President, Naresh. Hema, who announced contesting for the President’s post this time has come up hard on the association for not taking a decision for the immediate conduct of elections.

“Some people are looking at postponing MAA presidential election this year or trying to continue Naresh as president without elections,” she said. “Out of the Rs 5 crore fund, only Rs 3 crore has been spent by Naresh so far. Where did the remaining money go?” she questioned.

Is Hema trying to indicate funds misproportion in MAA? Hema also announcing writing letters to 200 members of the association on Saturday morning. She is seeking their signatures on the immediate conduct of the MAA elections. As many as five contestants have announced their intention of contesting the election.

While Prakash Raj and Manchu Vishnu are the major contenders, Hema, Jeevitha, and GVL Narasimha Rao are also in the fray.