Kollywood-Hopes-Kaala-Changes-FortunesDon’t go by the literal meaning of the title as the superstar’s ‘Kaala‘ isn’t going to arrive before the scheduled date for release. ‘Kaala’ emoji has arrived on Twitter and it’s going to stay till 10th June. We are talking about how Twitter is celebrating ‘Kaala’ with a custom emoji.

The emoji has Rajinikanth as ‘Kaala’ and we can tweet the emoji in Telugu, Hindi and Tamil languages using the hashtag. This is a big celebration time for the Superstar’s fans who would want something unique for the arrival of their favourite star’s movie. This special emoji shows how big a superstar is Rajini and Twitter India had rightly released the custom-made emoji.

‘Kaala’ is coming to theatres on 7th June and movie-lovers are quite excited as Rajinikanth is playing a gangster from the slums and for the slum people after a long time. In the minds of the people, ‘2.0’ is put aside for the time being and they are eagerly waiting to watch Rajinikanth. Do you want to use the emoji and tell something about ‘Kaala’? Go ahead.