Government of India on Tuesday had hinted about a possible ban on Micro social networking site, Twitter after it failed to comply with Government terms in bringing down sensitive tweets which trigger communal disputes in the North East region of the country. This decision became inevitable after the poor response of the authorities of Twitter in filtering sensitive content.

This decision of the Government was not so well received from the Micro-blogging site and people alleged that Government is trying to curb the right of speech of the people. Is this acceptable?

A mindful answer is always leaning towards a positive affirmation. Government had reportedly received strong signals of evil forces from other side of the border trying to create communal unrest in the country. Some miscreants had been uploading morphed content which is leading to severe insecurity on the North East people. SMSes, Social Networking sites are used widely to spread the content. So, it is the duty of every citizen to co-operate with the Government at this hour of need to safeguard the security of our fellow Indians.