Tweeples hurt popular Tv Anchor!

Anchor Anasuya not only popular on Tv, she is known to get in troubles with her tweets. Some time ago when she tweeted about how glad she was about rejecting item song in Pawan’s film, fans fumed at this beautiful anchor. Recently she seems to have gotten in to some thing again.

On Sunday, the entire nation seemed to be glued to their seats watching the India-WestIndies T20 world cup match unfolding before them. As such when Anasuya who is the host of a Telugu TV show tweeted asking if anybody was watching her show ‘Chota Champion’, she received a rather harsh response by other cricket lovers. Some of these people wrote strongly wordy tweets implying that nobody would watch her show when a cricket match was going on. A tweet said, “At a time when India’s league matches in world cup are happening, who would watch your show?'”

Ansuya seemed undeterred and replied, Uff..!! Cricket chuste chustunnaru..evarishtam vaaridi..but daanike match unte CC evaru chustaru anadam bhavyama?