KCR ABN Tv9 ban telangana radha krishna ravi prakash

Banned Channels in Telangana State, TV9 and ABN-Andhra Jyothy have been more or less silent and patient waiting for the state government to relapse. TV9 which was caught red-handed in the issue remained silent after publicly apologizing the state Assembly. For more than a month or two, both the channels have spoke very little about the state government and its affairs to please the Telangana Big Boss.

However 3 months passed with out any progress and their revenues going down with the ban. Adding insult to injury, Telangana CM made very hurting commenting like ‘Burying 10Kms deep down the ground, cutting of throats’ which clearly indicated that the state has no idea of revoking the ban. With the intentions clear, both the channels have started going offensive on the government. Both of them are concentrating more on the government failures and weak links over the last one week.

KCR’s generous gifts to Sania Mirza to appease muslim community in the wake of elections have become a talking point for the channels. The immense support they got across the nation with national media focusing on KCR’s comments have strengthened their case. It is also said that these channels have got an information from the Center that the Union government will immediately interfere in the state affairs after the Medak bypoll and so these channels seem to be in the mood of giving back to KCR and his team.