Mahesh-Babu-Superstar-Krishna-Television-ShowThe Telugu states are mourning the demise of superstar Krishna. His family members are in grief and so are his fans and followers.

Incidentally, a noted Telugu TV channel is now in the firing line over their insensitive behaviour while Krishna’s family is in grief.

The said TV channel telecasted an episode from their dance show, which has Mahesh Babu in social attendance. In the episode, which was shot a while ago, Mahesh is seen in a joyous mood, cracking jokes and interacting with the contestants.

The timing of telecasting the episode is the worst part here. Hours after the demise of Krishna, while Mahesh is distraught, the channel televised this episode which is more of a celebratory one.

Mahesh’s fans are now firing at the channel over their insensibility act. “While Mahesh and family are mourning the death of Krishna, you couldn’t hold back your episode for one single day. This is as pathetic as it can get. We are paining while seeing Mahesh in so much pain after suffering three losses(brother Ramesh, mother Indira, and father Krishna) this year and you decide to air a fun episode” an ardent fan of Mahesh commented.