After Digvijay Singh and TV anchor Amrita Rai’s intimate pictures were leaked on web, Digivijay Singh had no choice but to accept her in to his life at this late age. Funnily enough, when media questioned whether is it ethical to have an affair at his age and seniority as a politician, Digvijay replied saying that it is a private matter that he made public claiming that he has the courage to face the consequences. Digivijay said that he is not a coward like Modi who hides his wife. Although the media people never brought up Modi’s topic, Digvijay compared himself to Modi and said that he is not a coward.

On the other hand, Amrita Rai on Thursday lodged a police complaint saying that her email and social network accounts were hacked. The complaint said that her Facebook, Gmail and Twitter were hacked by someone. 67-year-old Digvijaya Singh, a former chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, and Amrita Rai seems to have decided to put a brave front when their affair is now out for the world to see and present it like they have done nothing wrong and it’s their private affair.