Tuck Jagadish - Amazon Prime Video-Run TimeNatural Star Nani’s Tuck Jagadish is releasing on Amazon Prime Video on September 10th as Vinayaka Chaviti Special. The promotions are going on at brisk pace. Fans are disappointed about the OTT Release but are now looking forward to the movie.

Producer of the film, Sahu Garapati, in an interview, revealed that the movie Runtime has arrived at 2 Hours 20 Minutes. Usually this is considered convenient Runtime for the audience to sit back and enjoy. Also, it is an apt decision since the movie will be high on emotions.

Tuck Jagadish is the second combination film of Nani and Director Shiva Nirvana. Their first film – Ninnu Kori is an emotional hit. The trailer which released recently also indicates the same. Nani is the only star in Tollywood to have two Direct-to-OTT releases.

The previous film, V failed on Amazon Prime Video. Nani is keen on delivering a hit with the same OTT Platform.