Tuck Jagadish Movie -Amazon Prime Video-Telugu MediaNatural Star Nani’s Tuck Jagadish has skipped its theatrical release and has ended up on Amazon Prime Video for a Direct-to-OTT release. The movie will have its premiere on September 10th as Vinayaka Chaviti Special. Amazon has taken over the promotions of the film.

The OTT giant has announced a grand gala event at a convention center in Hyderabad on September 1st. Along with the film’s cast and crew, Vijay Subramaniam, Director, and Head of Content Amazon Prime Video will be attending the event. Invitations were sent to the local media.

But then, the Press people are upset with the mandatory Full vaccination certification for the entry. They were upset with these riders given the fact many of them have taken the first dose and will have to wait for 85 days for the second dose. Telugu press has been most active with numerous events and interviews after the COVID second wave.

They are questioning why there has been a problem only with Amazon when the entire industry – the PRs, the movie units do not have a problem with them. Many are of the opinion that the streaming giant is trying to bulldoze them with its ‘corporate’ tactics. The OTT giant is also missing the fact with this kind of attitude it can have an event but will miss the wide coverage Tuck Jagadish deserves.

Interestingly, Narappa also had a Direct OTT release on Amazon Prime Video. The entire publicity has been handled by the local PRs, unlike this film. The entire promotional campaign of Narappa has been smooth without any incident.