Tuck Jagadish - Can Nani Still Be The BenchmarkNani is still number one when it comes to the second league of stars. It would have been further cemented with V’ (irrespective of its final outcome) openings had it had a theatrical release. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. It has changed a lot, especially concerning the perception game, while the position is still the same.

The double trouble came to Nani via V’s online release. It got thrashed critically, and the performance aspect too came under a heavy scanner. It would have been buried under the ‘collections’ reports had the movie had a theatrical release.

With no real residue of V, it seems like ages ago since a Nani film has arrived. Tuck Jagadish would be the next release from Natural Star. It will hit the cinemas on April 23rd. It seems as if it’s been more than a year, when it is not that way actually.

Suddenly, there is a lot of activity, and we have got glimpses of what lies ahead in Tuck Jagadish and Shyam Singha Roy. These movies have become very critical now for Nani. More so because they come in tight schedules with back to back films. To be the topper, one has to set the benchmarks.

Nani is again portraying a ‘mass’ side to Tuck Jagadish. If the movie could generate the buzz and top the openings table for the second league stars, it would again rest the doubts regarding his position. If it fails, it will provide a massive opportunity for the competitors to stake a claim.

The teaser of Tuck Jagadish and the first look poster of Shyam Singha Roy will set the tone for all that is to happen next. It is, therefore, a crucial few days ahead for Nani.