Mahesh-Babu-Wax-StatueIt’s a known news that Mahesh Babu’s wax statue will be unveiled at the prestigious Madame Tussauds museum very soon and the people from the museum had approached Mahesh Babu and took his measurements for the statue.

Here is a sneak peek into Mahesh Babu’s unfinished statue. Take a look. One must agree that Iwan Rees had brought every single detail of the actor live onto the statue. The statue looked incredible and one can be sure that the full statue will definitely be overwhelming for his die-hard fans. Perfection is what we see in this unfinished statue.

The statue is on its way to completion and very soon we can get to see Mahesh Babu in Madame Tussauds Museum. No doubt, the sculpture is awesome. We have seen the pic of Iwan Rees taking Mahesh Babu’s measurements in one of the past pics. Now, we see finishing the live model of the superstar.