Tuck Jagadish saved of Money and Embarrassment SavedThe recently released festival outing on OTT, Tuck Jagadish, is getting a not so favourable response from the viewers. Most criticise it for the outdated melodrama, and at best, a few have found it to be average. However, all the ire is directed towards Nani, the star attraction, whereas its director Shiva Nirvana is given a pass.

We have to say it is a lucky escape for the director Shiva Nirvana. He spoiled the chances of scoring a hat-trick with Tuck Jagadish. While the response couldn’t be escaped anywhere (OTT or theatrical), he has safely avoided the box office bomb here.

A film like Tuck Jagadish, even if opened well, would have seen an immediate fall in the coming days. Given the high expectations and the content at hand, it would have hurt Shiva Nirvana, too, besides Nani. All of this is if Tuck Jagadish had a theatrical release.

Tuck Jagadish is a shocker coming from Shiva Nirvana. While emotions are his strength, they have a ‘current’ tinge to them and don’t appear outdated. It was the case with his latest release. As he gears up to his next with Vijay Deverakonda, one hopes that he learns the lesson and avoids the mistakes done here.

Meanwhile, Nani is bearing the brunt of Tuck Jagadish. It is mainly due to V, the previous OTT release of the star. The impact has doubled as Tuck Jagadish has also disappointed. Here’s hoping he comes out with flying colours with his next whenever it’s out.