Trolls' 'Nasty' Attack On SamanthaSamantha has been facing a whole lot of hate on social media of late. The senior actress is in the midst of a social media turmoil pertaining to the long-debated ChaySam divorce saga and the events succeeding the same.

Cut to now, Samantha is facing ‘nasty’ trolls on social media. A related video is now being shared by Sam’s anti-group.

In the said video, Sadhguru says “Samantha, you are beautiful sometimes. You are nasty sometimes.” This video is taken out of context and it is being extensively shared on social media to mock Samantha.

Sadhguru makes this comment in a general sense as he speaks about the different phases of a person. He makes the “beautiful and nasty” comment in this context. But the hate group is taking this cropped video with an intention to project Samantha as a nasty person.