KHUSHBU-SUNDARSocial Media is a lot of things and the hatred coming from trolls is the most of it sometimes. It is at all levels with celebrities called out to be the vulnerable targets for of course the fame and limelight. Many survive the sick trolls but some just give up like the senior actress, Khushboo Sundar who just walked out of Twitter due to the trolling effect.

It is not the first time that the actress was angry and getting impatient with the negativity and insensible trolling on social media, but this time looks like the heavy trolling got onto her nerves as she decides to quit Twitter instantly saying she would rather spend time with her family than investing it on social media interactions.

Sadly, the actress cum politician was quite active on Twitter who used to love posting personal and professional updates for her followers but lately, she is not being able to handle that pool of negativity online according to her post.

Well, it is not just the case with Khushboo but is the same for most of the actors who are keeping put ignoring the trolls. Let’s see how long could Khushboo could stay away from one of the most luring platforms online of this age.