Nani_Ante_Sundaraniki_PromotionsThere is debate of high ticket prices keeping away audience from theaters. This is in complete contrast to the situation of Shyam Singha Roy when Nani voiced his opinion about low prices in AP. has asked about it to Nani ahead of his Ante Sundaraniki release.

“Those who are commenting about me over the ticket prices issue do not understand basic logic. They mix up things that are not at all connected. Some one will say something and others will blindly copy one. I did not ask for Rs 500 ticket prices. I only said the industry cannot survive with the Rs 20, 40, 60 pricing model,” he said.

“In fact, I asked for the same 100, 120 Rupees which everyone wants now. Larger than life films like RRR need high pricing model, but not all films. All I asked for is to permit reasonable ticket pricing that people deem fit now.” Nani said.

Nani went on to add that it is not right to enforce abnormally low ticket prices and at the same time, it isn’t right to go for unreasonably high ticket rates as well.

“I never asked for high prices. I asked for basic prices. I asked for less prices but the less prices which existed before,” the actor added.

About Ante Sundaraniki, Nani said the lengthy runtime won’t be a problem for the film as it will keep the audience engaged from the start to end.

Ante Sundaraniki is a proper comedy entertainer that revolves around the interesting concept of Hindu-Christian love drama. It releases in theatres on 10 June.