Trolls-Attack-ChiranjeeviMegastar Chiranjeevi delivered a dud with Acharya. The film’s box office debacle is one thing, but the kind of hate Chiranjeevi is facing is proving to be a totally unfair.

Earlier today, Chiranjeevi tweeted about Bimbisara and Sita Ramam, congratulating them on the positive reception that they are getting.

“nuvvu movies stop cheste industry baguntdhi and distributors kuda baguntaru Please save tollywood Bossuuu….” a netizen commented.

“Mega star kalyan ram power abba kodukulu petina loss effect ni yeti padesadu ra nayana nikeduku mega star tag chepu” another person commented.

Using a single flop to humiliate a mega star like Chiranjeevi is totally unfair. He has been a stalwart for too long to be written off with a single film.

Social media trolls is one thing, but belittling Chiru with such offensive comments doesn’t seem fair.