Rakul-Preet-SinghThis is what the Twitter trolls are saying about Rakul Preet Singh’s latest pic that was seen on the cover page of ‘Health & Nutrition’ Magazine. Instead of admiring her slimmer look, the trolls found her looking like a skeleton because of malnutrition.

They felt that this pic is the example to show how people would look if they don’t get proper nutrition and advised that she definitely needs proper nutrition. Size Zero has been out of the game and though a slimmer look is the order of the day for the celebs, it may look odd if the slim line between slimmer and skinnier gets erased.

That’s what has happened in the case of Rakul Preet Singh. We know that Rakul Preet Singh enjoys her workout sessions and many times has reiterated the same that she can’t imagine her day without working out in the gym. But, audiences got used to her healthier look but never was plump or fat.