Troll: Sam’s Action Vs Chay’s ReactionChay Akkineni is in the news for a few days now as he, for the first time, opened about his divorce with the media. The manner in which he handled the situation and answered the questions in a mature manner has won him brownie points all over.

On the other hand, Samantha is still in the news for her bold song ‘Oo Antava Mava’ from Pushpa. While some fans slammed Sam for going way too bold after divorce, a few fans have now started trolling her with pictures of Chay romancing multiple girls in Bangarraju.

In one of the pictures gone viral, a pose from Samantha‘s song in Pushpa has been labeled as Action, and adding another image as shown in the picture, the fan named it a reaction.

In a way, if Sam has done bold action, Chay has reacted by going bolder and romancing multiple girls. Also, in the film, Chay is shown as this playboy who is not interested in marriage. There are multiple dialogues in the film in which Chay keeps saying that single life is so better.

While Sam and Chay have moved on in life, fans are trolling Samantha in a big way. They are finding some reason or the other to corner her and this particular meme is one of them which has gone viral.

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