Popular Tv anchor/artist Pradeep, who’s show has become quite the talk of the town right now, is very delighted and pleased since he learned that Kota Srinivas, a veteran actor, and the renowned director Trivikram Srinivas and are huge fans of his show. The actor said that he was very happy to hear that such great actors and directors enjoy his show. He recalled his meeting with Trivikram who stated that he loved the show and never misses it.

The show’s popularity got high very soon and it gave Pradeep a lot of opportunities to go to see several villages in AP. Though the popular director is full of movies at present and is even expecting actress Samantha to sign up for an upcoming movie with Allu Arjun, he regularly watches the show. So does actor Kota who at first had to convinced by his wife but is now a devoted fan of the show.