Trivikram Sriniva's Absence Raises EyebrowsIf Trivikram had made to the ‘Chal Mohana Ranga’ re-release event, all eyes would have been focused on him and they would have been waiting for him to speak. But, his conspicuous absence despite the fact that his good friend Pawan Kalyan attended the event has become the talk of the town.

Trivikram provided the story and also funded the movie along with Pawan Kalyan and Nithin’s Sreshth Movies. So, the least one expects, is his presence at the event. When Pawan Kalyan attended the event and Triivikram skipped it, was it because he doesn’t want to face Pawan Kalyan‘s fans because of ‘Agnyaathavaasi’ result?

There is also one more doubt. Is everything okay between the buddies aka Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram? Doubts and speculations started on the social media platforms pertaining to the absence of Trivikram when Pawan Kalyan made it to the event and lightened the event with his presence. Hope, everything is well and we’ll see them together, again.