When Trivikram srinivas said something is missingSome scenes stand out in the film. The scene in which Samantha asks Nithin if he is going to abandon her (love), he says he doesn’t have the luxury to love someone and the level to dump the lover. Nithin couldn’t the emotion right even after a few takes.

Director Trivikram kept on saying, “Something is missing”. The director-actor duo had to talk on the scene and after Trivikram explained why the scene required that depth and emotion, Nithin could get the emotion right for the next take after the explanation.

For Nithin, working with Trivikram is like a love affair and he missed his director everyday after the shoot. When it came to wrapping up the shoot finally, Nithin asked Trivikram why he had to do that to him.

Everyday, Nithin used to message his director ‘I Miss You’. And Trivikram too responded saying “Miss You too”. Well, that’s how people feel when they are connected emotionally to one another.