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Trivikram Looks at Me Cheaply – Says ‘A… Aa…’ Star

Trivikram Looks at Me Cheaply - Says A... Aa... Movie Star Hari TejaShe was one television actress who was doing daily soaps as one among the lot. But, Hariteja turned one lucky actress after she got Trivikram’s ‘A… Aa…’. She has become a star for playing character roles in Telugu movies and presently doing Allu Arjun’s ‘Duvvada Jagannadham’ and Sunil’s movie.

Recently, she opened up about her close relationship with director Trivikram. She feels absolutely blessed to be growing under his shade as the director never allows her to talk gossips and advices her to read something worthy. Even if she tries to gossip with him, he looks as her in a cheap manner and hushes her up not to waste time on petty things. Gossips won’t interest him in any manner.

There was a phase when there had been rumors making rounds that Hariteja was in a relationship with a director. Then, she took off 3 months time to gather herself from the pain of the rumors. Moreover, she had to pay attention to her ailing grandma. When she returned after 3 months, even her close friend asked if she was secretly married to the director. Now, she knows to handle things with more maturity says the actress.