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Trivikram Busy Schedule Led to Pawan’s Disaster

Trivikram Srinivas's Busy Schedule Led to Pawan Kalyan DisasterBefore making ‘Teenmaar’, director Jayanth C Paranjee wanted to make some changes to the story as the bold concept would not be relatable to Telugu audiences. But, Trivikram wasn’t easily available as he was busy with ‘Khaleja’.

“If we would have sat together and made changes, ‘Teenmaar’ would have been different and we would have avoided a disaster,” said the director on Pawan Kalyan‘s movie. He called it a ‘collective wrong mistake’. The director wanted to do changes but it was nit in his hands.

‘Love Aaj Kal’, the original was made with Saif Ali Khan who had no image. But, Pawan Kalyan’s image was different and the director was sure that this project is going to be a big mistake and be a sure disaster though he tried to rectify it. But, they couldn’t save the film.


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