Trivikram Paying Price For Rajamouli CurseThe Rajamouli curse is often associated with a hero’s immediate next film after the one with Rajamouli. There’s an infamous pattern that a Rajamouli hero delivers a dud with his immediate film.

But now, the discussion is about the film preceding the Rajamouli directorial. The said film is Mahesh Babu and Trivikram’s SSMB28.

Incidentally, Rajamouli is extensively interacting with the Western media and speaking about the film with Mahesh. Recently, he said the Mahesh Babu starrer is an action adventure and it will be on the lines of Indiana Jones. He called it a globetrotting adventure. This statement is all over the internet.

It has gotten to the point where Mahesh-Rajamouli’s film is clearly dominating SSMB28 even before its launch. People have started to speculate and get hyped about Rajamouli’s film with Mahesh and SSMB28 is having to take the back seat. Rajamouli’s periodic comments on the film are keeping it in the news, possibly more than Trivikram’s film.

But Trivikram is no stranger to the Rajamouli curse. He previously directed NTR’s Aravinda Sametha which was NTR’s last film before RRR and the film was a hit. So, this underplay on SSMB28 shouldn’t bother him too much. He is a man of crafts and would be focused on delivering a hit with Mahesh.