Trivikram Ala Vaikunthapurramloo with Potential Family Story & EmotionsTrivikram Srinivas once said that he was pissed about him being addressed ‘Maatala Mantrikudu’ (the magician of words), but that is exactly what he has been adept at. So, do we expect something different from him in ‘Alaa Vaikumthapurramloo’? Nope.

Taking a simple point that connects with the mundane routine of the common man and blending into a fresh story replete with emotions has been Trivikram’s forte. In a recent interview, Trivikram said the origin of ‘Ala Vaikumthapurramloo‘ (AVPL) story.

Elaborating the backdrop of the story idea for AVPL, Trivikram talks about being rich in the true sense; how a big expensive house makes us feel uncomfortable but a simple middle-class house gives us all those feelings due to the caring attitude of the people and the ambiance of fresh fragrance from flowers and floating aroma of dishes from the kitchen.

No doubt, it’s poetic and that makes us wait eagerly for grabbing all those emotions and connect to his story coming on 12th January for one of the biggest festivals of the year. Family stories always have this selling point if done neatly connecting the right emotions.