Trisha's-Swag-Killing-on-TikTokTrisha Krishnan has become a savage on TikTok with her swag and killing it on the platform. She is anyway a pro and her latest video with dance is said to be the prequel of the most famous Savage song.

Watch her videos on TikTok and we promise that you are going to love her for her killing swag. What expressions and those stylish body movements! She says, “Clearly missing the camera”. However, this is how she has been trying to satisfy herself.

TikTok has become a favourite platform for celebrities, the platform that has been giving scope for them to come up with short videos to entertain their fans. Besides Trisha, there are a few others like cricketer David Warner who made a huge fan following on TikTok.

Even Trisha enjoys more than one million followers on TikTok, the social media platform that’s used by most of the Indians. Don’t miss watching Trisha’s TikTok swag videos.

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