trisha-and-samanthaThanks to Samantha’s extremely active nature on social media, we get to see some new happenings every other day. In the latest set of interactions on micro-blogging site Samantha’s and fellow actress Trisha’s bonding was more than visible to all.

Earlier Samantha handed over her Swach Bhaarat broom to Trisha which the latter happily agreed. Now when Samantha shared her new hobby about horse riding and how she might soon fall in love with it, Trisha promptly replied that she will soon get addicted to it in a friendly warning sort of way. It is surely good to see two actresses exhibiting such camaraderie off screen.

Samantha had a little off time recently after participating in back to back shoot nonstops. Horse riding was probably her new way of winding off. Well, as Trisha says it’s a good addiction for sure.