Triple Headache For Nani Nani had announced Shyam Singha Roy arrival in theaters on December 24 with a vengeance as this is his first film to hit screens in a long time after two direct-to-OTT releases back-to-back. SSR, right from the first look and teaser glimpse, is carrying good buzz.

Nani was confident about striking gold at the box office with SSR. However, now the actor is having a triple headache from other makers. SSR will be facing competition from three films. Ghani that was scheduled for release on December 3 has locked horns with SSR as Balakrishna’s Akhanda is arriving on December 2.

Let alone Ghani, now Nandamuri hero Kalyan Ram’s Bimbisara is also planning to arrive on the same date. Apart from these, Allu Arjun‘s maiden pan-India film, Pushpa will be in the second week run by the time SSR releases.

If Pushpa will have a good talk then it is bound to cause a dent to Nani’s SSR further. And if SSR happens to skip this date owing to competition, then they have to wait for a long time to get the perfect date as many films are lined up for releases in the coming year.