Tried Not To Lose My Temper On That JournalistRecently, DJ Tillu trailer launch became the talk of the town for the sexist question that was posed by a senior journalist. While actress Neha Shetty took her agony on her Twitter handle, now Siddhu Jonnalagadda too expressed his displeasure and the reason for him to walk away from the question.

Siddhu Jonnalagadda issued a lengthy statement on Twitter handle where he opened up on the whole fiasco. The actor wrote that he was deeply hurt and that is the reason he is addressing it now.

The actor stated that the reason for him not to address the “demeaning” question posed by the journalist was not to dignify the question. He didn’t want to lose his temper, thus he chose to avoid it in a calm and composed way. The actor further said that the actors need to be respected and shouldn’t be judged based on what they do on screen.

The actor speaks about the hardest time they face, especially women, while doing an intimate scene. He speaks that people shouldn’t be judgemental because of the work actors do. He concludes his statement by saying that his film should do the talking now rather than the whole issue.