Trendsetter Rajamouli Brings More Chaos!So, it is a trend started by none other than SS Rajamouli. It was intended to remove confusion and give clarity to others. Well, now it is creating more chaos as more and more movies follow it. We are talking about double date release announcements.

Rajamouli first took the step in announcing March 18th and April 29th as probable release dates of RRR. He finally announced an entirely new date, March 25th to hit the cinemas. On the same day, Pawan Kalyan‘s Bheemla Nayak adopted the same strategy and came up with two dates, February 25th, and April 1st.

Following the footsteps of RRR, and Bheemla Nayak today makers of Ghani and Ramarao On Duty have locked two release dates.

Team Ghani announced that it will arrive either on February 25th or March 4th. Similarly, Ravi Teja‘s Ramarao On Duty has come up with March 25th or April 15th as their dates.

In short, what Rajamouli intended with his double date strategy is now backfiring. The multiple release dates are bringing chaos among trade who have to schedule everything. A fixed date, even if there is a clash is helpful to them instead of this two prangs approach. Let’s see how things turn out eventually after the dust settles down.