Mellagaa Tattindi Manasu Talupulu- trailer talkFor cine lovers who are hungry to see our nativity in full bloom, Vamsi’s films are like beautiful canvas painting our culture and beauty in its most genuine form. After a lot of gap, he is once again coming with a movie titled ‘Mellagaa Tattindi Manasu Talupulu’ starring Ajmal (‘Rangam’ fame) and Nikitha Narayan.

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Whatever we expect from a Vamsi’s movie are embedded in the trailer. Big and beautiful eyes and expressions of the heroine, native crude comedy and an intriguing twist make the audience connect easily because it’s senior Vamsi’s movie who made clean films like ‘Avunu Vaaliddharuu Ishtapaddaaru’.

Late music director Chakri scored music for this film and the story is based on Malladi Venkatakrishna Murthy novel (Yes, Charmee’s Jyothi Lakshmi is also made with his novel). Ajmal and Nikitha are proved performers. So one can hope for a clean Telugu nativity movie very soon from Vamsi. Hope the film’s doesn’t get delayed further for there are always a section of audience who love his kind of films.

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