Vikram Saamy Square Trailer Talk-Saamy 2 or Saamy Square is the new film of actor Vikram where he joins hands with mass director Hari after a very long gap. It is second chapter of the Saamy film the combination did many years ago. The original was remade into Telugu as Lakshmi Narasimha.

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Coming to the trailer of Saamy Square, it is more in line with the present hyperkinetic making style of the director. Watching the trailer itself feels like looking at a mini-movie as so much is cramped in those two minutes. Everything looks to be hurriedly put together and appears terrible. But more than all those issues, the overall look, feel and action makes it come across as Singam 4 rather than the extension of Saamy character. We have to wait for another trailer or the actual movie to make a better assessment, but there is a strong dejavu feeling and absolute lack of freshness from the promo.

Check out the trailer below. Saamy Square is an out and out mass masala entertainer from Vikram after a brief gap. Keerthy Suresh is the female lead in the action entertainer that is slated to arrive soon.

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