Trailer Talk: RRR Targets Sree MukhiThe trailer of Crazy Uncles, a comedy caper, starring Sree Mukhi, Mano, Raja Ravindra, Bharani Shankar, and Bandla Ganesh is out now. It clearly implies that the film banks on slapstick comedy.

Three crazy uncles named Reddy, Raju, and Rao, shortly referred to as RRR try to woo Sweety (Sree Mukhi), an attractive young lady who moves into the apartment they are staying in.

Their sole intention is to spend time with Sweety. They are ready to even spend big bucks to get up close with her.

Going by the trailer, Crazy Uncles is a tale of three middle-aged men falling head over heels to get intimate with a beautiful young diva. There is scope for potent slapstick comedy which caters to a section of the audience.

Crazy Uncles is gearing up for theatrical release on 19th of this month. The film is directed by E Sattibabu and produced by Kiran K Talasila.