Vakeel Saab - Fights- Pawan KalyanAnd finally, after much brouhaha, the ‘actual’ content of Vakeel Saab is out. It is a courtroom drama predominantly centred on three girls. It is what Vakeel Saab is all about, in addition to the ‘star’ presence who shoulders all the ‘commercial’ elements.

Unlike the teaser, which looked more like a tease of Pawan Kalyan the star, what we get in the trailer is the theme of the film. It is related to the three girls played by Anjali, Nivetha Thomas and Ananya. They are cornered into a shell by mighty forces. It is a perfect set up for a star to take over, and Pawan Kalyan does that with élan.

The girls and Pawan Kalyan get equal footing here, and all of a sudden, everything looks well balanced. The entire tone of the movie, however, is dialled up concerning the drama and masala moments which is seen with the duel between Pawan Kalyan and Prakash Raj (as lawyers).

The courtroom drama is key to the whole narrative. Having Pawan Kalyan and Prakash Raj pitted against each other is a major winning deal. They have always given the best whenever they faced each other. It seems like it won’t be any different this time around. Pawan Kalyan looks electrifying with his presence. His hairstyle in the court sequences takes time to get used to, though.

The casting, writing and background score (by S Thaman) looks perfect for a Telugu setup based on the trailer. Did Venu Sriram pull off a massive heist (a big success) here will be known when Vakeel Saab hits the cinemas in less than a couple of weeks?

Despite being a remake (of Pink), Vakeel Saab holds some freshness, unlike other popular remakes. It is due to the original’s niche content and the reach it had in the first place. It could be a big blessing for Vakeel Saab.

Check out the trailer below. Dil Raju produces Vakeel Saab in association with Boney Kapoor. The courtroom drama will hit cinemas worldwide on April 9th.