Family Drama TrailerThe Family Drama trailer got released a while back. It stars Suhas of Colour Photo fame, who plays a maniac. His unusual mindset is reflected in the opening shot where he strikes a conversation with a shopkeeper who smells something weird and strange about him.

As depicted in the title it is a family drama but consisting of a dysfunctional family where the father is in charge of the house. Unlike where cuss words are omitted in films, we get to hear swear words hurled by the father at his wife and son.

What happens when the maniac meets such a dysfunctional family? What happens when he starts living with them in the same house. The manic essayed by Suhas is a psychopath who is on a killing spree. Going by the trailer, the family seems to have fallen prey to Suhas who realize that they themselves have opened a pit for themselves by welcoming Suhas to their family.

Suhas who has played sober has transformed himself into a psychopath killer aptly. The stunning transformation is well received and he fits the bill perfectly. The film shows a further image makeover for Suhas after Colour Photo who previously used to dabble in comic roles. The music by Ajay and Sanjay accentuated the proceedings. The Family Drama directed by Meher Tej is intriguing.