Trailer Talk: Mad Fun And Intense RomanceThe trailer of Vishwak Sen’s eagerly awaited movie, Paagal, is out. It is an out and out youthful romantic entertainer that promises both fun and romance in equal measures.

Right from the announcement, Paagal is attracting attention. First, it was due to the title and then the posters; later, the teaser did the trick. Finally, we have the trailer. We now get maximum clarity on the basic premise and how the narrative would shape up.

The trailer, as a result of its reveal-all quality, is alright. It is compared to the previous promotion material, which didn’t show much. However, at the same time, Paagal looks like a thorough entertainer for the ‘youth’. The making looks slicks, the production values are fab, and the music is icing on the cake. It feels like a perfect recipe for the target audience.

Lucky Media has made successful youth entertainers in the past. It looks like Paagal could be another addition to the list. The combo of catchy music and humour (for its target audience) gives them the initial draw.

Check out the trailer below. Paagal stars Vishwak Sen and Nivetha Pethuraj in the lead. Naressh Kuppili directs the movie. Radhan provides the music, whereas Leon James gives the background score. The Dil Raju presentation would hit the screens all over on August 14th.