Lingaa-trailer-talkThe theatrical trailer of Superstar Rajinikanth’s new movie Lingaa is out. If the teaser was any indication to what was in store the theatrical trailer confirms it further. It’s all about the style and fun of Rajinikanth on screen.

However unlike the teaser which looked all style and no substance theatrical trailer shows us a glimpse of the substance too. The premise of the film Lingaa has been vaguely established by the trailer. One can see Rajini in all his glory, although he looks a little awkward at times, it is good to see Rajinikanth doing a regular commercial fare after a long time. The usual punch dialogues that give instant kick are missing in the trailer though. Lavish scale, superb cinematography and background score are all good additional factors besides the star and two heroines Sonakshi and Anushka.

Tell us what you think of the trailer and Rajinikanth in it by watching it below. Do you agree with our view?