Trailer talk – Kotha Janta
The first trailer of Allu Sirish’s re launch as a commercial star has been released today on the occasion of Sri Ramanavami festival. The first thing as expected that strikes to our mind is the commercial tone of the whole set up which was missing in the debut venture of Allu Sirish. It points towards a safety net for sure that was missing in his first effort.

Now coming to the actual trailer, the touch of director Maruthi is visible in terms of the comedy. Fortunately none of has given a vulgar vibe though which has been the calling card of the director so far. More than the hero it’s the comedians who seems to be all over the place, is this hint at things to come? It could be a good idea for commercial purposes for sure but will hero gain anything out of such enterprise is to be seen. Finally the character outlines of hero and heroine are given a small glimpse and a pointer towards what could be the story. Overall a well cut trailer which sets out the tone and priority right.

Check out the trailer below and tell us what you thought of it. Do you agree with our view?