The trailer of the biggest film of the year Happy New Year is here. And the first thing that strikes in one’s mind is the epic and grand scale of the film. Every frame oozes with richness never seen before on Indian screens. The cinematography, the scale of the film is on par with any Hollywood biggie.

So what makes it an Indian film, the cast, of course? But more than it, it’s the song and dance format with typical masala elements attached to it that literally screams ‘Indianwale’ is what makes Happy New Indian. They represent the over the top styles that Farah Khan films are known for and also highlight the strengths of the stars present in the film. If there is any problem with the trailer it has probably got to do with the length. It may be showcasing way too much for the viewers comfort. Also the robbery theme has been overdone in the recent past with Shah Rukh Khan himself being the more indulgent lot.

Happy New Year releases for Diwali later in the year. The film is getting dubbed into Telugu and Tamil as well. Watch the trailer below and tell us what you thought of it in the comments section below.