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Post BB2 – Trade Expectations From Rana’s NRNM

Trade Expectations From Rana Nene Raju Nene MantriRana made his debut with the film Leader, and from then on he has trodden a path that’s unique and less traveled. But whatever may be the path the end goal is to succeed and grow as a star and as an actor. For Rana, it has been a mixed bag in that regard.

After a relatively decent debut with Leader, Rana has failed to get a big solo success. However, as said above, he has created a unique niche by banking heavily on Baahubali films. His career so far has been centered on those movies, as everything else he has been doing besides Baahubali was to make himself registered to different audiences because one knew success was guaranteed with Baahubali.

The first test was Ghazi that released earlier in the year. It was a success, and the hard work paid off for the actor. The good thing was that it was a success in Hindi along with Telugu. It still isn’t the kind that would make Rana a star, something that his fans hope. Nene Raju Nene Mantri is that kind of film.

NRNM is the first real test of Rana’s stardom. It is receiving a fantastic response for its trailer, will it translate into numbers at the box office? An opening of around 5 Cr worldwide would be sensational considering the competition and similarly anything above 25 Cr in the long run. These benchmarks will mean Rana has arrived finally and would be early signs of stardom.

Nene Raju Nene Mantri is getting the best release, is the most promoted and anticipated among the three releases. Can it go all the way? We will know the answer in three days’ time.