Why Is Trade Confident On Paisa Vasool?The team of Paisa Vasool seems to be brimming with newfound confidence post the completion of the Censor of the film. Is this a reflection of how well the film has turned out or is just the usual business before the release of the movie?

Apart from the confidence of the team, the trade itself is jubilant with success of multiple films. With the trailer going viral and Paisa Vasool being a crazy combination, Balakrishna with Puri Jagannadh, many are hoping that good luck will rub onto it to make it a big success.

Paisa Vasool recently got U/A certificate. It is releasing grandly on September 1st. The release would be huge. Will the final collections reflect the release it is going to get? The booking is slowly getting opened from today. Watch this space for our first advance bookings report.